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2012-09-27 03:51 am

Three Doctors Toy Set

This is the most excited I've been about a Doctor Who toy for at least a year. I AM AFLAIL. Witness:


HOW GREAT IS THAT? My only disappointment is that the Gel Guard's claw does not light up nor does it have "wibble wobble" sound-effects. But still, GEL GUARD. Only this time last year I was complaining about Omega lacking Gel Guards and that was A BIT MEAN. And now they exist!

Marvellous. (Also, yes, v excited about Another Companion and also The Brig. But mostly the Gel Guard. QUIT JUDGING ME.)

Course, the real question is why whinging on the Internet hasn't worked for getting a Giant Clam.

(There's also a Sutekh coming out, which I might not be able to actually buy due to fear. Um. Yeah. And Rory Williams in two different outfits. Which I will be able to cause Rory does not scare me and I have surplus Amy Ponds who are not holding anyone's hand right now.)
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2012-02-01 03:18 pm

It is now February and still cold

It is FEBRUARY which seems awful but I'm not minding that much since that brings us CLOSER TO SPRING and Spring means Less Cold and I am Ridic In Favour of Less Cold.

Here are some things that have been making me go yay a bit:

  • Layer Cake. Not actual layer cake - though, being cake, I also approve of that - but the film Layer Cake. IT IS AMAZING. And has lots of things I normally hate in films (like being about The Criminal Underground and only having women as love interests, and guns and gangsters and stuff like that) but it also has Colm Meaney making BRILLIANT facial expressions at Daniel Craig cause he's a bit sheepish about not telling Craig earlier that he shot the guy he's looking for and popped him in his freezer. And there is A TEAM. And people are often HILARIOUSLY INCOMPETENT and Daniel Craig pretends he is James Bond (this is well before actually being cast as James Bond - thus EXTRA CLEVER META...or amusing coincidence, whatevs) and Colm Meaney. Who is lolarious, and thus should be mentioned twice. It is a very good film and everyone should see it and not hate on it. Yes. Good. Also, it does actually have layer cake in it at one point and cake is awesome.

  • AMAZING CASTING FOR UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS. I knew Alex Kingston was going to be in the new series, but now there's also Emilia Fox. And Keeley Hawes was in it already, and basically it just looks brilliant and beautiful and I LOVE THIS SHOW. Even if they did cruelly and horridly say Richard was dead, lalalalla, lies.

  • Here is a lovely very early interview with JK Rowling. (In The Elephant House in Edinburgh. I've been there; it's alright.) Her book sold 30 000 copies, y'know! And it might be a movie one day.

  • Sometimes my country is makes me very happy - all the leaders of the political parties at Holyrood have united in supporting gay marriage in Scotland.

    Currently, you can have a civil union (which confers the same legal rights as marriage, though there's some consultation thingie going on which I think means same-sex civil marriage in the UK will be legal before the 2015 General Election if no-one fucks it up [as I understand it, the differences between civil union and civil marriage are in the technicalities of how it's performed and who it can be performed by]) but you can't get married in a church. The Kirk is divided on the matter (though last year, they became the first major Presbyterian Church to allow openly gay ministers, although they've had one in Aberdeen since 2009, Scott Rennie, and they've sort of said okay to gay clergy but it's not properly official and they're having another chat about the whole thing next's a bit confusing) with thousands threatening to leave if they support gay marriage, and thousands threatening to leave if they don't. But with such unified political support (and public support - the latest poll I can find puts it at 61% for with just 19% against) behind a change in the law, I'm hopeful they'll get on with it.

  • A twenty-year-old Jonathan Ross interview with Blake's 7 dudes He! I LOVE THEM. Gareth Thomas is BEAUTIFUL even though he has a very silly beard. And there's a topical political comment on the poll tax, heh. STOP LOOKING SO HAPPY ABOUT BLAKE DYING, GARETH THOMAS. It was HORRIBLE and Probably Didn't Happen.

  • In the world of Doctor Who action figures, I knew this was inevitable, but I still want to go OH FFS rather a lot. It's a Seeds of Doom set. The "oh ffs" is because that Krynoid figure is exactly the same as the Axon figure released a year or two ago. And I can't even be PROPERLY ANNOYED because of course they're not going to make a new figure when they could just use a mould they've already got. And WHY can they get away with that here? Because the bloody Krynoids were the Axon costumes repainted green. I don't say it often, because I almost never care, but CURSE YOUR CHEAPNESS, DOCTOR WHO. I really, really don't want to buy Yet Another Tom Baker with an alien that is THE SAME BLOODY ALIEN I already have. Also, curse my completist tendences, for they are strong.

    You do get a sword though. That's something.
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2011-11-03 04:58 pm

unworthy of the diamond logo

So Halloween is over (THANK GOODNESS - I tend to spend it behaving a bit like a terribly incompetent ninja and in constant fear the doorbell will ring) but that doesn't mean you can't start planning for next year, so I give you these Amazing Doctor Who costumes, which will set you back only about fifty quid and a large portion of your diginity:

The Dalek

The iconic Doctor Who monster, only available in that most Dalek-y of colours: weird brown. There are also arms. ARMS. So you can be some sort of terrifying even-more-mutant Dalek that is actually a FAIRLY SENSIBLE upgrade since you'll now have opposable thumbs and be able to use door handles and stuff instead of just shooting things. Which you can't do with this costume because THAT ISN'T A REAL DALEK GUN.

I do like how they don't bother with trying to hide the feet though.

The Cybermen

The best thing about this is how it's described as an "authentic costume" and it's made of VELOUR. VELOUR CYBERMEN. To be more authentic please take a hairdryer, some wellies, any clothes you like and a large can of silver spray paint. Spray everything silver. Get dressed, stick the hairdryer to your head and VOILA, a totally authentic Tenth Planet Cyberman costume. Probably.

The Eggcup

This is nothing to do with costumes or Halloween, but it is a Dalek egg cup. Why? Fuck knows. The important thing is what it's called: the Eggsterminator Egg Cup. I hope that brings you as much joy as it brought me.
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2011-10-26 06:54 pm

You cannot put one jet in a line. If MJN is anything, it is an air dot.

Toys! Toys in the post! Which I justified on the basis of BRINGING ME JOY, also they were quite cheap. So I now have an Eleventy WITH A FEZ and an Idris. And Eleventy has a mop. Probably he will be fighting ironside!Dalek with that.

Anyway, they are great, if SLIGHTLY WEIRD: why does Idris come with a bag of goo and a wee mask so I can make an Idris Flesh mask? What is the reasoning there? Also the Pandorica part that Eleventy comes with IS NOT A PANDORICA PART AT ALL. It is a CD and case DISGUISED to look like a Pandorica. Which is a bit annoying because I rather like the idea of a plastic box Pandorica but not the idea of one made out of disguised CDs. But what is on this CD? you might ask, quite reasonably. Well, it's either Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters, Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion or Doctor Who and the Giant Robot. And you only get part one or two, so if you want to hear the whole story you have to buy another figure. Or you could just get the Target book for a quid, second-hand. Or better yet, just watch the story cause they're all excellent and why am I getting audio Target versions of Pertwee and Tom Baker stories with my Eleventy and a fez? It appears to be a Really Unsubtle Ploy to try and encourage kids to buy classic Who tat, because, let's face it, it's not the ten year olds who are all a-glee at the prospect of a Mechanoid figure. Couldn't they just have tempted them with MORE PLASTIC ACCESSORIES instead?

That sounds a bit sarcastic, but I do love the wee plastic accessories, even if I did almost hoover up Six's sonic lance last week. It was a very tense moment.

In non-Doctor Who toy related news, I got sod all work done today because I decided to listen to Cabin Pressure, which is a BBC Radio 4 comedy show about an airlinedot and stars Stephanie Cole and Benedict Cumberbatch and Roger Allam and if you actually intend to get Anything At All done, it's really not suitable for background listening, but it is bloody brilliant and everyone should listen to it and love it or they're just wrong.
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2011-10-18 07:26 pm

like swappable tom baker heads

So Character Options has an EXCITING NEW ROUND of classic Who toys coming out, and by exciting I mean that I'm not quite so annoyed at them as usual. NOT A HINT OF HINCHCLIFFE for a start. AMAZING.

Here's what's coming out:

The First Doctor's Enemies

I'll probably remember something properly awesome as soon as I've posted this, but the sad fact is I can't think of any First Doctor monsters that I'm absolutely desperate to see in minature plastic form, so on that basis I can't be terribly disappointed with this set. Even though I suspect that Robodude is NOT in Dalek Invasion of Earth but to save some money Character Options have just made it Some Generic Guy wearing the Robodude costume. The Mondas Cyberman looks awesome though. LOOK AT HIS WEE HUMAN HANDS. And if you have to release Yet Another Fucking Dalek, having it be one that only appears in episodes that don't exist anymore is HILARIOUS.

cut cause of more pics )

In conclusion, Character Options should quit releasing stuff I'm not thrilled with and start releasing stuff I'd like. Also, since every time a new release gets announced, I do basically bitch about it, I'm going to make a list of all the things I would TOTALLY LOVE and not complain about even a little:

tots a good use of time this )
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2011-03-27 04:01 pm

(no subject)

  • Re Star Wars poll: it's Return of the Jedi, obviously. But I was thrown into a pit of DOUBT and TERROR regarding this last week as I came across several instances of people saying something along the lines of "and this is why this thing is the worst, like Empire Strikes Back is obv the worst (original) SW movie." And there was no disagreement expressed. It happened three times, in three entirely different fannish places, thus I was distraught and confused and wondering if I had woken up in the wrong universe or if the UNIVERSE HAD LIED TO ME. Everyone knows RotJ is the worst one*, it's like rain is wet and bananas are yellow**, and then my only evidence for this that I could come up with was Scream, and probably it's not brilliant to base any knowledge on Scream, so I had to check. By LJ poll. Ahrrm.

  • These are things I think about Star Wars: Han shot first; Lando was in An Impossible Situation and trying to protect the thousands of people in the city rather than His Rebel Buddy was not thrillingly heroic but a sensibly pragmatic decision that I can't be judgey about; KotOR is best.

  • I do not know what to think about these. Doctor Who costume t-shirts. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS TAT? Why is there rubbish like this when I still have no Genesis Giant Clam playset, darnit. It's terrifying. I want one, and yet I know I'd never wear it, just look at it sometimes and be perplexed at its existence.

  • One more reason to love Bioware.

  • So, I feel I should be Incredibly Judgey at the new Three Musketeers movie after this, um, interesting trailer. And yet, no, I'm leaning towards magnificently absurd, and Milady is swordfighting. Also after that last Robin Hood movie, I remember saying I wanted to see Matthew MacFadyen (who, normally, I can't stand) do more comedy and his deadpan here made me lol even though it was A Well Cheap Joke. And Ray Stevenson's Porthos! That's smashing, that is.

    *I know not actually everyone, but it's a pretty solid majority opinion. According to the skience of my LJ poll, anyway, and what greater skience is there than that?

    **or green or brown or black, whatevs.