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So in a half-hearted attempt to try and make my books fit on the shelves (I am being SO GOOD and actually removing ones that I'm pretty sure I'm never going to read or I read and hated, even so, still stuck with a couple of hundred Doctor Who books that I am mostly hrrm at) I found the The Thick of It, The Missing DoSAC (I bet I've got that capitalisation horribly wrong) Files and got a wee bit distracted reading it instead. It is almost entirely lovely, which I put down to half the writing and half Peter Capaldi, for despite him merely being in some pictures, his voice was VERY LOUD as I was reading. What I didn't like was that in order to give it the feel of a missing documents folder (I assume this was the reason), the pages were all perforated along the top, and still stuck together, so I had to tear the blasted things apart. Mostly this went badly, for I am not good with perforated paper. And tearing the pages of books is NO FUN AT ALL. So much judgieness unto whoever designed that thing.

Also, catching up on Torchwood, I saw episode six last night. Which was painful. Very painful. There were three things I liked: spoilers, yo )

Other than those few minutes, it was awful. If you're going to discuss the banality of evil, you do not need smash your audience over the head with anvils. Repeatedly. That hurts. It hurts a lot. It was so bad I don't even care about how much handwaving they're asking to audience to do about how the central premise of the story works. I have to leave it at that or I shall start on a massive rant. And I know I should stop watching, but I really want to see the Trek dudes.

A NICE THING: Torchwood Babiez, the final part. I spluttered into my poor tea three times before I finished it.

MORE NICE THINGS: You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate, an Amy/Rory vid by [ profile] settiai and Black Dove, a River Song vid by [ profile] kiki_miserychic. Both just make me ridic gleeful and filled with joy at these characters what I love.
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1. Doctor Who toymakers, WHAT IS THIS?! I don't know what to think about it. On one hand, there is goo and goo is awesome, on the other there's a wee "collect all the parts!" sign where "all the parts" is the decapitated head and disembodied limbs of the Doctor.

2. [ profile] jigglykat made awesome fanart of Madame Vastra and Jenny. I am going to PESSIMISTICALLY ASSUME they do not yet have their spin-off series. Forshame.

3. People are being Kind Of Scary about the Doctor Who scheduling change or whatever it is, which actually seems to know, cause there appears to be Very Little info. (But that doesn't mean you don't know exactly what those BBC execs are thinking! Of course you do, random Internet person, of course you do.) I saw a tweet from Lizo offa Newsround and then I went to look for more info and ended up in BAD PLACES where I wanted to either hide under my desk or hit my head on it. Here is a clue: the BBC does not work like an American network. Also I sometimes watch Who on iPlayer instead of the telly; this apparently means I'm not a real viewer or something.

5. When the Doctor Who on the telly stopped I really, really wanted more shiny new Who which meant Big Finish. So I listened to some. Which was fine. Except now Erimem has gone and I HATE BIG FINISH. They took the Best of Their Companions from me and I am sad. Though it was quite nice that though I stopped listening cause the stories were getting worryingly consistent in their mehness, this last run, from Son of the Dragon through to the HORRID DEPARTURE OF BELOVED ERIMEM were almost all pretty good. Even the one with bloody Evelyn in it. Bit amused when I thought "gosh, she's really not been very annoying this ep" and it turned out she'd been replaced by an evil shapechanger, heh. Ahem.

Anyway, once I get over my bitterness there, if anyone has any post-The Bride of Peladon recs, that'd be dead nifty.

6. Why is all the telly gone? Doctor Who, The Borgias, and Camelot are finished for the year (omg, Camelot - HOW AWESOME WERE YOU?), Camelot possibly forever, or I've heard no news of a renewal anyway, boooo. And Game of Thrones only has one ep left. Woes.
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I have been doing this meme SO WELL. That is how FULL OF JOY I am, anyway:

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.

2. Do this every day for eight days.

Due to skipping of like a week, here be more than one thing:

1 - PETER CUSHING'S HEAD. Omg. Someone has made Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin's head and it's so TERRIFYINGLY EERIE I kinda wonder if they built a time-machine instead, popped back and lopped it off. Except that's gross and surely if you had a time-machine the first thing you'd do is go back and rescue sixties Doctor Who? And I still haven't seen Marco Polo so that's UNPOSSIBLE.

2 - Anyone on teh flist who's posted about the new X-men movie as y'all seem to share my priorities, and there's only been GOOD THINGS SAID on the Magneto/Xavier front, so hurrah.

3 - PIRATES. I am going to see Pirates tonight and as My Expectations are basically the presence of Geoffrey Rush, and I know FOR A FACT he's in it, it'll probably be Not Too Shabby.

4 - This is a lovely post about all the things I like about The Almost People. Also there are pictures, LOVELY PICTURE GRAPHIC THINGIES, including a smashing one of my Very Favourite Thing about the episode.

6 - Doctor/TARDIS vid, omg, it are beautiful.

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One of my favourite things about [ profile] halfamoon is that there tend to be some lovely massively multifannish vids each year. This year there are three ridiculously shiny things, all looking at their subject from a slightly different angle. All are recced most heartily:

Advance by [ profile] fly_to_dawn
Tightrope by [ profile] such_heights
She's A Rebel by [ profile] kaydeefalls
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I am Somewhat Unable to adequately express my Utter Glee at some of the latest Who spoilers that I totally accidently saw (I've been very good at avoiding spoilers, yes, so this is the only thing I know about that isn't in the season six trailer.) BULLETPROOF NARRATIVE KINK, DUDES. This episode (mouseover is spoilery, yo) can be as cack as bloody Four To Doomsday and there is no way I won't love it.

spoilers for a season six ep, nought major, I don't think )

Also, this is dead good - CSI: Gallifrey, a Doctor Who/CSI: Miami opening credits parody. I've seen exactly one episode of any CSI programme ever and still I think it awesome:


Jan. 23rd, 2011 03:24 am
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Festivids! Vids! Dozens and dozens of vids! They are all here, kindly arranged by fandom, here are some what I loved:

Tik-Tok (Back to the Future trilogy) - Cheeringness! This is awfully good fun and made me laugh out loud a fair few times thanks to some awesomely timed edits, and maybe I danced, or bopped in my chair a bit, that is probably dancing.

We Won't Run (Children of Men) - a splendid exploration of the film's themes of sacrifice and hope. A most satisfying watch, yo.

Another One Bites the Dust (Clue) - ::flails:: This was great. It is like the distilled essence of Clue.

But Here's What Really Happened (Clue) - Also great. This is pure lols. And glee.

In A Moment (Constantine) - This is how good I wish Constantine actually was. (I love Constantine, but it's not one of those things I can love and be fine with it being a bit rub, I SO WANT IT TO BE AWESOME. As awesome as this vid.)

A Thousand Suns (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) - an epic four minutes that makes me want to go watch the movie again right now this second because omg.

Big Pimpin'/Papercut (Event Horizon) - I was terribly upset when I found out the ship wasn't the Lois and Clark, but the Lewis and Clark. Anyway, terror! panics! fears! claustrophias! This is another movie I think is a bit rub (and love anyway, though I'm okay with this one being rub, for there is crazy Sam Neill and Sean Pertwee and Jason Isaacs, rah) and makes it look so damn cool. And scary, properly scary.

I Want More (Jurassic Park films) - A heartwarming tale about some nice dinosaurs who want to eat all the tasty, tasty people.

Who Needs Friends (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) - Bashir and his relationships with Sloan, Garak and spyings. And possibly getting a bit fucked up at the difference between reality and fiction. Is very, very good.

L.E.S. Artistes (Terminator movies) - shiny awesome character thingie of Sarah Connor, who is awesome, as shown, rah.

High School Never Ends (West Wing) - OH PRECIOUS LOLS. This is a ridic happy-making thing, yes.
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So I was sort of vaguely aware of there being a new Pirates of the Caribbean film and thought "yay" for I am Quite Fond of Jack Sparrow, but "boo" for I knew there was no Elizabeth Swann and she is almost my favourite. NOBODY EVER MENTIONED THERE WAS GEOFFREY RUSH OMG THERE IS GEOFFREY RUSH. There is going to be shiny, shiny new Barbossa!

Mostly I'll be judging the movie on whether or not they kill off Barbossa. Again.

In other news, Mekhi Phifer has been cast in the new Torchwood. Mostly I know him from Lie To Me, where he was Quite Good. Also, he is hot. Which is nice, because, sadly, I was always going to watch new Torchwood anyway. Jane Espenson's writing for it! Surely that means at least one good episode?

And possibly I want to go rewatch season two of LotS, for [ profile] such_heights made an awesome Kara vid and OMG KARA. I forgot how much I adore her facial expressions! Also there are wee bits of Kara and Kahlen and such things make me happy, yes.


Nov. 11th, 2010 11:23 pm
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I watched vids, lovely vids; here are lovely vids that made me v happy:

Apocalypse Lullaby by [ profile] icepixie (Babylon 5) - A lovely ensemble piece that is all elegant and nostalgia-inducing and swoopingly epic. It is about many people and also the station and evokes Much Fannish Glee.

Unsound by [ profile] fan_eunice (Smallville) - ZOD! This is about Zod, lovely Zod. Who is Callum Blue playing a young Terence Stamp playing Zod. ::flaily hands:: Mostly it is a beautiful illustration of Why Zod Is Awesome and a little bit about Why Zod And Tess Are Awesome and asks the question Where Is My Zod/Clark Slash Dammit? I love season nine best of Smallville and this vid says why. MUCH LOVE.

I Wish I Was James Bond by [ profile] kuwdora (Deep Space Nine) - I wish Siddig El Fadil was James Bond. He is not, alas, but sometimes he gets to play him in DS9, hurrah! It sounds like it will be all Fun and Crack and it is a little but mostly it's about the contrast between the fantasy and reality, between the doctor and the soldier, between what Julian is and what he aspires to. It's awfully good. Many thumbs up.

Gonna Go Far, Kid by [ profile] missbreese (Doctor Who) - A Simm!Master vid that accomplishes that tricky task of feeling fresh and new and exciting. Full of the energy, danger and humour of the character in New Who, this is joyous to watch and then you watch it again and see it is a bit clever too. Well impressive.

A Thousand Goodbyes by [ profile] beccatoria (Doctor Who) - ::FLAILY HANDS:: River/Doctor beautifulness. IT BREAKS MY HEART A LITTLE. Go watch this now if you love River. Right now. (Also, [ profile] beccatoria is making many a vidlet at the moment and all are worth watching, methinks.)

Vid recs

Aug. 11th, 2010 10:34 pm
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It is possible I have spent a large chunk of today watching vids. Here are some recs:

I Can't Hear The Music by [ profile] settiai Deep Space Nine - A Kai Winn character vid and it is gorgeous. Winn's a brilliant character, brilliantly played, and this manages to encapsulate her complexity and is a sympathetic and powerful look at the conflict between her faith and her ambition.

Stay Awake by [ profile] laurashapiro (multifandom) - This is horrid, and creeped me out rather a lot, which I mean in a good way. It has a point to make, and does so with sharp wee needles that stab you then try to turn you inside out. It's also a great demo of the sort of point that I think the vidding medium is able to make in a way that hits home like no other sort of fannish produce.

Seven by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl and [ profile] ohvienna (David Lynch movies) - Confession: the only Lynch move I remember in any detail is Dune, so the subtleties here are right over my head, but it is a beautiful vid that vividly portrays parts of a whole that you feel should connect together to make a lovely picture, except it's a surreal madness that's about to leap out and pull you in.

Take On Me by [ profile] greensilver (Doctor Who) - Okay, to be fair, it's QUITE HARD for me not to love a vid that is ALL OF LOVELY WHO but also it is an AMAZING VID. It's ridiculously exciting when a vidder what I know is Pretty Damn Good does classic Who, cause it doesn't happen often, and, oh, it is good. It is very, very good. And happy-making. And good. The clothes trying out section makes me GLEE and omg Kate O'Mara's face has never been more hilarious. If you like any of Who ever, watch this. Kthxbi.

Lend My Your Teeth by [ profile] greensilver (New Who) - Oh, this is scarily beautiful. It is like all that fear that I had when I first watch in Blink dialled back slightly so I'm not actually going "eeek!" and hiding behind anyone, but can enjoy a deliciously tense atmosphere with one of the most fantastically creepy aliens of the Whoniverse.

A Vindication of the Rights of Women by [ profile] damned_colonial Age of Sail multifandom - Ridiculously good fun. Women from more than a dozen Age of Sail (real, real-ish, and fantasy worlds) being pretty damn awesome as they fight, drink, laugh and dance through their smashing adventures. Also, many a clip from Cutthroat Island, which I'm embarrassingly fond of. Ahem.

If I Had You by [ profile] dualbunny (Legend of the Seeker) - This is just hot (and, y'know, marvellously edited and a deftly constructed story and other stuff I was not concentrating on really due to the hot.) It's Richard and Rahl and everything I ever wanted from a Seeker vid if I was going to be shamelessly shallow about it.
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Today I VERY ACCIDENTLY saw bits of the Ianto Jones Sherlock Holmes film. It wasn't my fault: Syfy AMBUSHED ME. (Also, Sci-fi changed to SyFy here too and oh it makes me sad, also less likely to watch their telly since I can't stand the horrid y-ness in the corner of the screen.) Anyway, to my surprise and horror, Ianto didn't appall me. I mean, he wasn't good, but he did manage to be rather amusingly awful. OMG THE HOLMES. Holmes was bad. Painfully, my poor eyes, no matter how many lols I might get out of this I really can't keep watching bad. It was very sad. I never found out how they saved the world, or even IF they saved the world; perhaps it had a cunning apocalyptic twist born of how STUPENDOUSLY AWFUL Holmes was. I did keep watching long enough to see poor Malcolm Reed dressed up as a Cyberman though. Oh, for the days when you were just taking orders from the least impressive captain Starfleet ever had the misfortune to commission.

I should go to bed but I just spotted that Film4 is showing The Vault of Horror in an hour. Yay, Amicus movies. It's got Tom Baker and Terry-Thomas in a lift to HELL.

Here are some lovely things fandom has made what I love:

Lullaby for a Stormy Night by [ profile] such_heights OMG GUYS. Beautiful, beautiful vid about wee Amelia.

Set My World In Motion by [ profile] beccatoria - River Song is cool. How cool? This vid will explain in awesome detail.

Irregulars by [ profile] lizbee - I am normally pretty meh at Martha/Mickey, but this was tots charming and huggable fic and I love it like, oh, my canon nao pie.

will you stay with me, will you be my love by [ profile] loneraven River/Doctor and sexy sex. Lots of sexy sex. It is most yayful and marvellously written.
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Big Finish are having a whacking great sale tomorrow with the first fifty audios all reduced to £5. Which is great, apart from the fact that I stopped buying Every Single One somewhere in the fifties so, um, yes. Boo. Nevertheless, I shall use my complete knowledge of these first fifty for the powers of good! Like so:

So of these fifty audios, what would you suggest for the BF newbie?

006 The Marian Conspiracy (Six, Evelyn) A smashing historical adventure in Tudor times with a sympathetic, well-rounded portrait of Mary Tudor and the Sixth Doctor being calmer and kinder and all those things that make people say "gosh, he was rubbish on telly but he's awfully good on audio" (which I judge a bit cause he was awesome on telly, but y'know). Introduces Evelyn, who is merely Mildly Annoying at this point (probably should point out most listeners do not share my view of Evelyn as Most Consistently Irritating Companion Ever.)

009 The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (Six, Evelyn, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) Basically an excuse for the Brig and the Sixth Doctor to have an adventure together, yay fanwank! But it is a jolly good adventure all the same. There are moors! It feels a bit like a Terror of the Zygons remix, set in Cornwall instead of Scotland, and with added awesome from the Brigadier. Evelyn is only A Bit Annoying.

011 The Apocalypse Element (Six, Evelyn, Romana) Er, you may be noticing a pattern here. Yes, it's another Sixth Doctor and Evelyn story, OH WELL. This one also has Romana and Daleks though. It's all exciting and action-y and Lalla Ward is rather marvellous in the first episode especially. More fanwank plottery as the Daleks invade Gallifrey, but it's a bit epic and there is Romana, yay. Evelyn is Bloody Annoying.

014 The Holy Terror (Six, Frobisher) Yes, other Doctors do have stories, they just don't seem as good as Baker's at this point. SORRY OTHER DOCTORS. Anyway, this one is brilliant. It's got Frobisher, the shape-shifting talking penguin companion, and a ridiculous amount of wit and charm and lolarious cynicism and all feels rather wonderfully Gormenghasty. With a bit of an I, Claudius parody. The Doctor and Frobisher are messengers from Heaven in the midst of a tricksy fight for who gets to be the next God of Everything. You could call it a BF classic, if you're inclined to do that sort of thing. "All hail the big talking bird!"

020 Loups-Garoux (Five, Turlough) Werewolves! Not the Sixth Doctor! Oh, this was my favourite BF for years and years and I still love it madly. It's the fifth Doctor and Turlough in South America getting involved in a power struggle between werewolves and the Doctor manages to get himself engaged to Eleanor Bron, who is a bit amazing, and mostly this story makes me Ridiculously Happy. There is Lovely Interaction between the Doctor and Turlough which manages to be simultaneously Quite Slashy and Quite Shippy for the Doctor and virtually all the women he's travelled with.

024 The Eye of the Scorpion (Five, Peri, Erimem) OH I LOVE THIS. I love it like delicious cherry pie. This is one that I think everyone should buy and listen to and love because it is the start of my VERY FAVOURITE BF THING: Team!Peri&Erimem. A lot of listeners talk about how BF redeemed Six and/or Mel for them and made them awesomes, but I thought them both awesome already and lo they continue to be so in audio form, but Peri, Peri was meh. She was...just there, like Dodo, minus the lovely hats. But combine her with Erimem and you get the very best of Big Finish companion teams, and one of the very best companion teams of all. It begins here, in ancient Egypt, where Erimem is pharoh and there be Exciting Political Shenanigans afoot.

029 The Chimes of Midnight (Eight, Charley) A deliciously spooky haunted house tale set in an Edwardian mansion. People are being killed in absurd, macabre ways; people are reacting in absurd, macabre ways. The first episode is practically perfect, and the rest are rather smashing as well. It's claustrophobic, creepy and terribly funny.

030 Seasons of Fear (Eight, Charley) My favourite Eight & Charley adventure. Charley and the Doc are having a perfectly nice time in Singapore when this dude called Grayle pops up to gloat at the Doctor about how he's killed him. Cause when he kills him he doesn't have the chance to gloat and, darn it, if you manage to kill the Doctor, you should totally get to gloat at him first. Then Charley and the Doctor have an Exciting Adventure through assorted historical locations with smashing banter and Charley having to drag around a whacking great sword and there are Romans and Edith of Wessex (Edward the Confessor's queen) being a bit annoyed about the Doctor because he left her at the altar. Also, Nimons. Gloriously good fun. You see why I love, yes?

038 The Church and the Crown (Five, Peri, Erimem) My favourite BF team in 17th century France with political sneakiness, plenty of swordfighting and a ridiculous amount of Three Musketeers jokes; how could that possibly go wrong? It couldn't, obviously. This is my second favourite of all Big Finishes and it is deliriously good as well as brimming with Stuff What I'm Easy For. It draws fantastic portraits of Louis, Anne and Richelieu, and is especially marvellous in its portrayal of Erimem, to whom the 17th century is a fantastic futuristic world. She gets to blows stuff up, unite disparate factions of French soldiers and lead them to defend Paris against the English. Case that's how awesome she is.

039 Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (Seven, Mel) I like season 24, and this is very, very season 24, in the best possible way. It's a great big parody of the Eurovision song contest with the contestants gettings murdered and the Doctor and Mel investigating and it is as camp and absurd and a wee bit cleverer than it sounds. Mostly it makes me happy.

040 Jubilee (Six, Evelyn) Or That One Dalek Was Based On. But while Dalek was a fairly straight up action/adventure, Jubilee is a twisted look at society and the cruelty of people through the glass of an alternate twentieth century where England got hold of Dalek technology in WWI and conquered the world. I've a very vivid memory of listening to this for the first time and, at one of the cliffhangers, thinking, "that's too obvious, it can't be *spoiler* so that means it has to be *spoiler* way, he wouldn't...omg, it is!" (Yes, I think in acronyms, shusht.) It's terribly good.

048 Davros (Six) A marvellous character piece with some nice dicussion on morality and some immensely good scenes between the Doctor and Davros. Save Genesis of the Daleks, Big Finish have managed to do a lot more with Davros, a lot better and in a lot more interesting ways than anything on the telly.

033-050-052 Neverland-Zagreus-Scherzo (Eight, Charley, Romana, Leela, K-9) Okay, so this is really three audios and one of them isn't in the sale, and probably the trilogy really needs you to have heard Storm Warning, or at least be aware of what happened there, and it's obvously more effective if you've grown somewhat fond of Eight & Charley, or at least followed their adventures for a bit, and it's a ridiculously ambitious story and the alternate universe arc was pretty consistently dull and didn't go anywhere and then it it couldn't, since they brought back the telly show but, but I still think this stories are pretty darn awesome. These are three plays that are very closely interlinked and incredibly different. They highlight just how flexible the Doctor Who format is, how absurd it can get, how epic, how grand, how intimate and quiet. They play with stories: a children's nursery rhyme creates a monster, a companion outgrows her role as Wendy but refuses to go home, music is used to create life and Gallifreyan legends are reborn.

It also sets up that rather awesome spin-off, Gallifrey.

more totally helpful words )
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So due to appalling sleeping patterns, I'm currently v v awake and Boston Legal season four is on the telly and it's episodes I've never seen because it all went a bit rubbish season three and I didn't care anymore but OH IT IS A LITTLE GLEE. It is not very good, alas, but Denny and Alan fired paint guns at each other because they discussed politics and they HUGGED BEAUTIFULLY.

I read a lovely fic today: dancing with old gods by [ profile] wishfulaces. I am dead keen on fic what deals with with Gallifreyan gods - an awesome concept from the extended canon that is utilised, at best, in a fairly dull way. (At worst, it's bloody Master but let's not talk about that, lalala.) Here, it is beautiful, with a spiffy use of dance and clothes and dialogue that is swish enough to make me conveniently forget all my issues with the NAs for a little while.

Also, thanks to [ profile] halfamoon, I discovered my very favourite BSG vid had been remastered. Cathedrals by [ profile] chaila43 is basically how I saw BSG for most of its run; this is the place I saw it reaching for (though not often being able to get there). It's a haunting, beautiful exploration of what it could have been about, before it went a little kablooey.

Catching up on SPN and last week's episode reminded me why I keep watching this show: I am dead cheap for its comedy. Arg. It makes me laugh, dammit. I feel all chipper and cheerful at Sam's ridiculous comedy faces! This is not something to be thrown away lightly, obv.

I switched off the week before's episode several times as it cunningly started with a recap of ALL THE THINGS THAT MADE ME ANGRY last time. And now I see a character what I love is in this week's ep and I am Afraid that it will just be all incredibly awful again. OH GOODIE IT IS. spn spoilers )
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  • Finally I have seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie and OMG I LOVED IT. It was everything the trailer promised AND MOAR. I loved Holmes and Watson and Adler. And Team!Watson!Holmes and Team!Homes!Adler and OMG I LOVED TEAM!HOLMES!ADLER!WATSON. minor )

  • If there is not a sequel I WILL CRY. I want the DVD NOW RIGHT NOW and that is not possible and possibly it is now one of my most favourite movie things. If anyone has recs for fic, gen/het/slash in any combo of Holmes and Watson and Adler, sharing is good, yes.

  • It is quite quite lovely to feel this giddishly fannish about something again. Tis a marvellous feeling.

  • "Release the Kraken!" is my favourite of all fictional military orders now. I was being v judgey at the trailer of Clash of the Titans Filthy Remake but then Liam Neeson ordered his dudes to "release the Kraken!" and suddenly I felt my judginess being somewhat less judgey.

  • There was an accident earlier this week where I bought Star Trek Online. THEY LET YOU BE AN ANDORIAN FFS AN ANDORIAN. But I think it's going to be okay cause I've been playing the open beta and it's definitely more City of Heroes than Warcraft levels of addictive play. Which would make sense since I think it's actually the CoH dudes making it.

  • Best bit was when I logged on after a big update and SPOCK WAS TALKING AT ME YAY.

  • There was [ profile] festivids which was awesome and maked many shiny shiny vids, but the one that gave me the most yay is The Crackiness Patrol, an awesome Happiness Patrol vid with much fondant surprise.
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It's VividCon this weekend, thus there are many many shiny vids going up and here are some what I LOVE LIKE PIE:

Then The Morning Comes by [ profile] fan_eunice (Galaxy Quest) I want to hug this vid V V MUCH.

Say Hey (I Love You) by [ profile] sdwolfpup (The Obamas) ALSO THIS ONE. Though I should probably feel weirder about it cause, like, real people who are still alive and stuff. But it is beautiful. And tis the most effective use of still pics I've seen in a vid.

Seven Nation Army by [ profile] charmax (multifandom robot armies) I'm not even that big on robots, but this is just So Damn Cool. Like a lot.

The Long Spear by [ profile] jmtorres, [ profile] niqaeli and other dudes, as noted in the vid notes. (Trekverses) I may have possibly started to tear up at this; it's cause history (even, or especially sometimes, fictional history) is this amazing awe-inspiring thing and most of the time you don't notice it but sometimes it hits you and obv this is designed to hit you and suddenly you get a glimpse of how incredible and epic it all is. (Probably it also helps when your fandom has like forty years of canons to play with.)

Take It Off by [ profile] greensilver (multifandom) HOTNESS. And also, like some swordfighting and awesome women. But also HOTNESS.
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1) Am currently watching Peter Cushing in Space 1999. He is in silver paint and a daft hat and yet still looks tots dignified.

2) My ankle. OH MY BLOODY ANKLE (disclamer: not actually covered in blood). I really don't see why eight-ish hours of not walking on it shouldn't fix it. Which it has had every day for like a week. I'm hobbling ffs. It's ridiculous. I can't see it as a Proper Injury so I feel a bit like Oh Look How Injured I Am Poor Wee Me with all the hobbling. But it hurts darnit. (And at one point I managed to convince myself I was tots making up that it was really hurting so tried running and, um, yes, that was stupid and there was falling. Common sense: not one of my stronger qualities. Ahem.)

3) Hobbling aside, it's the Not Being Able To Run just after I was actually managing to do it regularly that's really frustrating. Boo.

4) Have you voted in Home Team 2009 Matches? Contrary to much of me flist, I found it Ridic Easy to vote for all of them, save one. Scully vs Cuddy. I mean, it's Scully, obv, but I haven't watch X-Files regularly for ages and voting against Cuddy just seemed strange and wrong and there were Whole Seconds of Indecision there.

5) Mostly I'm appalled that CJ's currently losing to Bones and Wendy Watson's not winning hers. LOVE WENDY MOAR FANDOM.

6) If you haven't read [ profile] rawles's essay, about the importance of Uhura and Spock's relationship in STXI and representation of black women in the media, Uhura Is Not A White Girl, then you should go do that now.

7) Fic rec: [ profile] selenak's Clean-Up Operations - Johnson and Alice post-COE. Characterlicious like yummy yummy pie.

8) I was quite "okay, that's nice" about new Four audio stuff. But seeing this is definitely causing Teh Squee. I think it's the pic at the bottom. HELLO TOM BAKER!
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Artifact by [ profile] nostalgia_lj - it's got Doctor/River and Doctor/Romana and it makes me sad in the good way.
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Now this is an anime series I'd totally watch. Venusian Aikido has never looked so cool and, zomg, the fencing! Sheer awesomeness:


Jan. 15th, 2009 10:04 pm
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Inclement Scottish weather prevented me from Touring Wilds of Scotland on shiny new bike, alas. So instead I made a new banner for my journal. Sadly, Time and Effort is not exactly reflected in finished effort, but on the bright is on it. Yay.

So instead of being all active, I spent lots of today hidden under a duvet with a hotwaterbottle and watched vids. Here are some things what I thought were great:

We Didn't Start The Fire (BSG) by [ profile] chaila43 - Oh, it is happy-making. It is all sharply edited and full of clever bits. The more you watch, the more stuff you pick up. Is dead good. (Also, that was the first time I'd heard that song and it hadn't been about Harry Potter fandom, ahem.)

Life In A Glass House (Merlin) by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl - So, um, I really don't like Radiohead. At all. Sorry about that. But when one of the most awesome vidders I know vids to em and to my favourite new fandom and it's about my favouritest character in said fandom, I tots get over it quick. I still hate the song, but the lyrics are fabulously used for this vid's story, the editing's stunning and OH IT IS SO SAD AND ALSO BRILLIANT AND SAD OMG. Mostly I keep reminding myself that in the end Arthur and Morgana reconcile and she's one of the ones who help send him off to Avalon lalalah there are no other versions, ILU denial.

Unsteady ground (Merlin) by [ profile] cherryice - But what is this? Another Merlin vid? About Morgana? Hurrahs! And well done Merlin!fandom. Soft, flowing and using movement beautifully, it's another vid taking ma cheerful, happy fandom and MAKING ME SAD. In the good way, yo.

And if, for some MAD MAD REASON, you are not watching the sublime telly that is Demons, you should tots read this totally legitimate original treatment that convinced ITV to make it, oh yes. Kindly supplied by [ profile] ionlylurkhere.
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So in 1968 there was some extra footage recorded as a trailer for The Web of Fear, naturally it got burninated, but the audio survives and someone made this gorgeous, gorgeous animation to go with it and it is fantastic. (There's also a fab wee Christmas story with Hartnell playing Santa, reindeer being exterminated by Daleks and Ten arriving just in the nick of time.)
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Yuletide, ILU!

First, the story what was ma gift what is The Lights Are Much Brighter There (Lost In Austen) and it's just adorable. Precisely the kind of Darcy and Amanda interaction I was craving in fic. It is, in a word, squeeful.

Here are a few other stories what I read and liked most awfully. I have failed to include useful info like why or what they're about )


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