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(That's a Castrovalva quote btw.)

Dearest LJ friends,

I haven't been on LJ much the past few years, and with the change to services, I'm shortly going to be deleting my journal. I'm currently importing it to Dreamwidth (under the name carmen_lj - which was my original lj name), but couldn't delete without saying goodbye. This site has been a part of my life for fourteen years, I have met so many wonderful friends here, and been part of so many awesome communities. Drifting away was easy, but saying a definite, forever goodbye is REALLY TRICKY. Anyway, you were great. I'm on Dreamwidth, though not posting atm, as calapine. If you know where to find me elsewhere, I am also still going to be those places. PSEUDOANONYMITY TO THE END. I am not dead.

Peter Capaldi is the Doctor of my heart and I love him.

Also, listen to Verity! podcast it's pretty great:


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I'm finding it quite nice coming to LJ as part of my procrastination routine. Thank you everyone who commented on last post. IT REMAINS OPEN should you think "ooh i would quite like to request Who fic but it is whole days ago."

Today I shall rec at you the delightful Third Doctor comic that's just had its second issue released. IT IS AMAZING. And by amazing I mean if you love the Third Doctor era and Jo and the Brig and Delgado!Master, it will make you happy. I'm a dreadful comics person, confused and befuddled by the medium, but this comic I am actually keeping track of and buying on the day of release and reading out of excitement and such. So, yes. Recommended. Even the bloody bit where the Doctor goes to HIS CLUB (which I should hate on principle) is made tolerable for reasons that will become evident should you read.
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...I am blanking at Yuletide fandoms. I mean, I reads the whole bloody list of fandoms (and thank you much to people who replied, if I could write your fandoms I would FIC AT YOU) and no, flarg. Anyway, here is a thing instead:

Reply to this post with 1-3 characters from the Whoniverse (anyone who's been on the telly is fine, yes even whoever that was in it for three scenes but you really love, I'll know who they are, I'm That Sort of fan) and some manner of prompt (PREFERABLY in the Yuletide fashion of "this is a fic thing I would quite like to see/wish to see more of/would make me a bit happy") and I shall endeavour to make Who fic at you before CHRISTMASTIDE. (It may only be a drabble BUT STILL).


Oct. 21st, 2016 02:56 pm
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I am still Not Dead, I just wanted you all to know that.

Also if anyone has a Yuletide letter they should totally link me to it, cause I really wanted to sign up this year but I missed the deadline so I am determined to do some treats.
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Peter Capaldi is great. I don't know if I mentioned that here, but he is. Thank feck they finally cast a sexy actor as the Doctor, right? RIGHT??


Jul. 14th, 2014 07:56 pm
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Anyone else glomping down every detail of the Dashcon wank and feeling like it's about ten years ago when, lo, there was much and merry wank, and fandom was often and greatly amused by it?


It's awful folks got fucked over, but this train's maybe even more compellingly awful then MsScribe.
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I'm watching The Musketeers, purely for shallow reasons of sword-fighting and Capaldi and OMG CAPALDI. Turns out he is basically the RICHELIEU OF MY HEART except a bit more evil. But he is properly loyal to France and his foreign policy of making France the pre-eminent European power is there and also he is Capaldi and brilliant. Mostly my opinion of things three-musketeer-y rests on what they do with Richelieu. The recent steampunk film version (which I ADORE MADLY) still managed to score points by remembering he used to be a soldier, though mostly the love there is earned with the ridiculous and their fabulous version of Milady and OMG ORLANDO BLOOM'S BUCKINGHAM. Best. Buckingham. Ever.

ALso started Sleepy Hollow. I am like three episodes in and got spoiled for the finale a bit. Only pre-credits BUT STILL. On the other hand, the lolariousness of it is making me try to get a move on. IT IS V GOOD.

Made it to end of first season of Elementary and that was BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT and I love how should they not have got another season it could have ended there and been a wonderful, lovely thing. BUT THERE IS MORE THANK GOODNESS YAY. It is better than Sherlock, but I still quite love Sherlock and this year's was winning as Sherlock develops some empathy and sense of justice. And then I was sad because the only good Moriarty is Trek Moriarty (ooh, and Elementary now! Well done, Elementary. I forgot I basically always hate Moriarty characters when I was watching cause omg AWESOMENESS)

I am aware there is now a Scottish Doctor.
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Oh, hello, I'm NOT DEAD. I'm just wasting me time in other, less meaningful way than LJing.

Peter Capaldi is btw BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HIM. And I am very much looking forward to getting to join in in this whole "fancying the Doctor" thing that's been going on since 2005 1996 1982 whenever. And, yay, a Scottish Doctor Who Can Do Anger!
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I've seen this in a couple of reviews on ye olde flist so, as I am just too lazy to copy and paste the same comment, Crimson Horror question )
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The Crimson Horror )

Incidently, female marriages were an accepted thing in Victorian Britain. History ain't a constant march upwards to ever more progressive times: the recognised gay marriages of the 19th century were anathema through much of the 20th.
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I thought Hide was smashing, and possibly that Neil Cross had delivered his script and said "look guys, I'm REALLY SORRY, but I kind of forgot we're making Doctor Who in the twenty-first century and wrote a top-notch seventies adventure featuring UNIT instead. THAT'S OKAY, RIGHT?" and Moffat said, "Yes, of course, I shall make one or two adjustments and everything will be great." And it was.

Hide )

Onwards! To the marvellously titled Who of last week, yes:

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS )
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I was A BIT NERVOUS about this ep not meeting my e'er so slight expectations what with some actors I think are great (Liam Cunningham and Tobias Menzies), a SUBMARINE, and beautiful old skool monsters.

Cold War )
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OMG, SPARTACUS, OMG YOU ARE THE WORST. BY WHICH I MEAN BEST, OMG. I cannot think of ANYTHING I could really properly have asked for that that finale did not give. OMG.

spoilers and stuff )

So, basically, omg, and arg, and ALL THE AWESOME. And now I have to watch ALL OF SPARTACUS AGAIN. Except I sort of don't want to because there's a difference between knowing how it ends and seeing it played out for you in loving detail on the screen even though it is beautiful and perfect and you love it.


Apr. 10th, 2013 04:36 pm
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I'm going to VidUKon! I think! At least, I've registered now (registration closes this Sunday incase anyone else is as absent-minded as I am). So I should find out where the con actually is exactly and where one can get accommadation in the strange land of CARDIFF and how to get there.

I have never been to Wales, btw, so that is quite exciting.

ETA: Ooh, the programme does look a bit good.

ETA2: Trains okay. FIVE HOURS. But just two changes.
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I can only assume the makers' of Elementary called me up, asked what I most wanted on the show, and got on with doing that and I COMPLETELY FORGOT.

Elementary casting news of PERFECTION )
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Margaret Thatcher's dead. My Twitter feed is being pretty restrained, I think, which is nice. I ain't mourning her passing, she hurt so many people, she paved the way for the hurt so many people are suffering today as the poor continue to be demonised, but I can't celebrate anybody's death.

This is what I'll remember her for:

- Poll tax. Which formed the first political opinion I'm aware of having. I knew it was A Bad Thing, but didn't really understand why (I was very wee.)

- Milk-snatching.

- Sinking the Belgrano while it was retreating.

- Attacks on the unions, aka the people protecting workers' rights.

- 'Thatcherism' aka mass privatisation, financial deregulation, reducing income tax while increasing ones which would disproportionately affect those on lower incomes, aka fucking over the country, especially the working class.

As legacies ago, it's pretty shit.
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If you read my Who episode reviews, you probably know I prefer Moffat Who to RTD Who and when writing up an ep will often make comparisons between the two, generally speaking in Moffat's favour cause, heh, I think it's better. I also prefer Williams to Hinchcliffe and Lambert to Wiles. And while I don't tend to name classic producer eras (except when hating on Hinchliffe, mostly done re new toy releases, though no-one complains about that), I will compare stuff in New Who favourably or unfavourably to stuff in classic. I did in RTD Who time too (and I don't remember anyone saying "stop comparing Doctor Who eras!" then either. Maybe they did and I missed it.)

If this is a problem for you, or harshing your squee or whatever, maybe skip the review? We are two and a half years into Moffat Who, and I've written something about every episode. It's not exactly a surprise I think in pretty much every respect Moffat is making better Who, and I ain't going to stop saying so.

ETA: And the stuff I talk about is relevant, because it's the first changeover of companions in Mofftiem and of course I, and other people, are going to be comparing it to the collossal fuck-up of what happened last time. It is not bashing to talk about what I don't like in a telly series I love, and yes, on the whole I do love RTD Who.

Please bear in mind that I am not going into anyone's journal telling them what to watch or how they are wrong or how to be a fan. I'm not having a go at anyone personally, either producers or fans in my posts. I'm not even talking about Who in a community. I am talking about my opinion of a television show in my journal. So I'd appreciate not being told what I should or shouldn't say in my own bloody space. Thanks.

ETA2: Just to respond to something specific that I can't now as it was deleted: many people may bemoan fans still watching the show despite not liking it any more while they criticise aspects of the show under the previous showrunner as they squee about new episodes but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. So I don't see why this is aimed at me. Go right ahead and keep watching Who and hating it online! I don't care! It happens in every fandom, and it's something I particularly associate with Doctor Who since, heh, we've been hating on the show we love longer than most. So, please, take the complaint of double-standards to someone who's actually engaging in them.

ETA3: I mean, is it just RTD and Moffat that some would prefer I don't compare? Can I still have a go at Hinchcliffe (Hinchcliffe, who I say I hate btw, never said that about RTD)? Can I compare the writers and say I like Chibnall better than Gatiss? Can I explain why I think Evelyn is the worst companion ever? Why I hate Talons? Why Curse of Black Spot is cack? Is negativity permitted or is it just one must never express a strong pref re RTD and Moffat? ENQUIRING MINDS.

ETA4: I really am quite annoyed. I should go have some nice healthy pasta and pesto.
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I bloody loved this, and I've the horrid desire to write meta about it.

The Rings of Akhenaten )
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OH DOCTOR WHO WAS ON. And I did not write a post. SHOCKING. Anyway, just to add to the shock, I loved it. I know, it's astonishing, there is Matt Smith on the telly being the Doctor and I am aflail with glee. HOW TERRIBLY UNEXPECTED.

The Bells of St John )
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Last week's Spartacus HURT ME IN MY SOUL. I know what ACTUAL HISTORY IS but I was KIND OF HOPING they'd say, sod it, history is JUST WRONG and make it different, but no, and, worse, they'd been CRUELLY TEASING for weeks about spoilers for history )

And, no, morning news, you are never going to convince me not to hate on Dr. Beeching. SORRY.


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