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FFS SPN. This is a personal thing rather than making me cringe in guilt at a programme I persist in watching despite fairly constant fail, so, um, yay? But, yeah, this week had a DENTIST and he minor spoilers for this week's SPN )

In less Freaking Me The Fuck Out horror, I've now seen the premier to The Walking Dead and, yeah, I'll be watching that. To be fair, it's got zombies, and while I don't go looking for zombies (as is sensible) if they happen to come into my field of vision I do make grabby hands at them. I'm trying to think of anything zombie-related I haven't enjoyed and I got nothin' (yeah, my standards are awesome, I know.)

Oh, hang on...that 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead with Worf's brother and Lyta Alexander in it? That was shit.

Anyway, The Walking Dead was solid entertainment. Andrew Lincoln's in it! With an American accent! (Is it any good? It sounds fine to me, but based on my view of Big Finish's American accents - "they're not that bad...are they? ...are you sure?" - I don't think I'm a reliable judge here) And so's whatshername from Prison Break. The Walking Dead premier )
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SPN has just done the most awful thing it could ever do to me: A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT BOBBY. Supernatural 604 spoilerish )

Ugh, I'm ten minutes in and I don't think I can keep watching. SO BORED. Oh no, now they're talking about Scotland. STOP THAT. YOU'RE BEING WRONG. In trivial ways, but even so.

Where is lovely SJA? I shall go watch that instead. The Doctor is in this one! Ten, but still. He can't not be lovely in SJA, surely.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith )
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I've been watching some very glossy but really quite appalling telly because Richard Armitage is in it. Sometimes with his shirt off. So really it's Perfectly Understandable even if I do have to suffer through lines like "I better not arrive in Hell and find out you're not there" and "most men seem to take pleasure in [killing] but you, you're like a machine" and, best of all, "is that your weakness, compassion?" His angst is the angst of An Angsty Soldier who has been Betrayed, oh yes. Last time, two former SAS dudes - both with bullet wounds - took on several dozen elite Zimbabwean soldiers. Guess who won? If you guess incorrectly, lose two million points and your right to watch gratuitously violent telly for a year.

Also in the I'm Watching It But Boy Do I Feel Guilty category is SPN, which I'm all caught up with. Eric Johnson was in an episode! That was Most Pleasing. And Mark Sheppard is always like, entertaining and stuff. And then there was the penultimate episode and there was a lolarious scene which went very unappreciated by me cause SPN spoilers ) One day I will quit you SPN and then you'll be sorry you weren't less shit. Yeah.

Far more cheeringly, the BBC is making new sci-fi! Like sci-fi that isn't Doctor Who or a horrid remake of something they did far, far better in the eighties! It's called Outcasts and mostly I hope it's not a right fuck-up because the cast looks nifty and it's not some crummy pseudo-sf drama with the sf bit tacked on but is IN THE FUTURE on an ALIEN PLANET. All it needs is some bits set IN SPACE and probably there is nothing that could possibly go wrong, surely.
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Omg, Supernatural, you are terrible but you do make me happy mostly for shallow but you tots did good this week by spoilers, yo )

Also all caught up on House which, I think, did a run of stories at the end of season five that are my favourite of all the series. Possibly it is just because they have the shiny newness smell to them at the mo, but they gave me V Much Glee.

Plus it was a bit awesome to have spoilers )

And Lovely Merlin has returned! But I haven't seen it yet. ALAS.


Nov. 5th, 2006 07:28 pm
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There's a war going on outside.

That's a lie. It's Guy Fawkes Night (y'know, that night when the Brits celebrate the horrific incompetance of 17th century terrorists/fighters for freedom from religious persecution [delete as appropriate]) and for the past hour and twenty-four minutes there have been non-stop fireworks coming from...somewhere. I don't know where, but I hate them.

Anyways, by brilliantly following [ profile] jekesta's suggesting of Download Codec Packs, I've finally made Winamp stop with its crazy jumping with SPN episodes. Hurrah! Fullscreen prettiness for me!

2.03 Bloodlust )

2.04 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things )

2.05 Simon Said )

2.06 No Exit )

Another American-English question, yo: "Get the fuck out of dodge"? Where this from? What it mean (I get the gist, obv, but any niceties to definition would be smashing)?

Really, after even thinking about writing SPN fic, I've got a shiny new whack of respect for any non-Brit writing Whofic who can get the language down. I never realised how tricksy it could be, what with avoiding writing in non-Brit fandoms n all.

And now I've a couple of hours to do Nano before Torchwood, yes. I totally feel like I have been productive in my slobbing today.
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I learned a valuable thing today: watchin' scary telly with Jen = v good. Watching scary telly by self = v v bad, zomg.

Luckily the first episode of Supernatural's new season was not too scary. But the second one was.

Random comments on first two episodes of SPN season 2, yes )

In conclusion, I love Dean. I love him like woah. He is quite, perfectly beautiful.

And, in a half-hearted effort to convince self I could one day write in a modern-day set American telly show fandom, a question for Americaners on the flist: what's a 'soccer mom'?

And then I maked my journal fugly pretty. Because I fell in love with a header make by [ profile] a_curst_shrew and then went and investigated CSS and I made a thing! Um...theme layer! Which I have not done before and it was not too terrifying. Also banner! I love it like woah, yes. *nods*


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