Dec. 23rd, 2010

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- I'm not addicted to Echo Bazaar. I just so happen to have entirely coincidently slightly adjusted my sleep patterns to line up with when I get a action refresh.

- I saw Frost/Nixon and it was Rather Good, bearing in mind that everything I know about Richard Nixon I learned from Futurama and [ profile] cakesy, and everything I know about David Frost I learned from Breakfast With Frost ("What's your favourite colour, Mr Prime Minister?" etc). Therefore my grasp of the context of both Watergate and these interviews is, um, not great. But I was entertained! And that's quite a good thing for a film to do. Cast is excellent. Not only is there Lovely Micheal Sheen, but Frank Langella is always at least a bit brilliant and there was Unexpected Oliver Platt, yay. Sadly, Matthew MacFadyen was also present but mitigated his overwhelming blandness by sporting a ridiculous looking wig.

- So Keeley Hawes is on the Beebs Telly At Christmas trailer thingie and I kept wondering what she was in and now I've found out and omg, Upstairs Downstairs! (In retrospect, her thirties clothing should have given me A Slight Clue, ahem.) I was quite excited about there being new Upstairs Downstairs anyway (though, despite hurrah at Jean Marsh, mostly my initial reaction was "What is the point without Richard?") but now it has Keeley Hawes! There is no way that's not going to be a bit shiny. Even though I'm slightly disturbed by the wee clips I've seen, due to telly lighting having changed somewhat since the seventies.

- There was an earthquake! A bona fide earthquake! The earth SHOOK BENEATH ME! It lasted about as long as it took me to think, "Please don't let that be my computer." Cause, naturally, when THE FLOOR IS SHAKING, something has obviously gone wrong with THE COMPUTER. Yes.

- I completely failed to make a Snow Dalek due to it being Too Bloody Cold. I'm very sad about this. I was all wrapped up in suitably epic layering and with a wee hat on and I lasted maybe fifteen minutes before I ran in the direction of precious warmth and hot chocolate.

- From [ profile] selenak, Steven Moffat and David Tennant provide A Valuable Insight into the Scottish psyche, also Moffat impersonates Tennant, heh:


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